Before We Fall Asleep


these city-scaped dreams
these maddening machines
they're all that's between you and me
my momma's boy dress
your virgin caress
alright, i'll confess
i'm terrified
and the dawn through the dusk is silent
it reminds me of us--still trying
before we fall asleep

alone on the roof
avoiding the truth
imagining you shuddering
it's dizzy down here
we've both had our fill
i'm jack and you're jill
and we're tumbling
and the way that you hold my body is frightening
i'm seven years old watching the lightning
before i fall asleep

i hope i don't die today
and if i've been absurd
it's only this season
let's leave of the words
abandoning reason
before we fall asleep

i hope i don't die today

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Matheus

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