Reach Out

Hilary Duff

Tom: D
(intro) F#m E |-----------------------------| B |-----------------------------| G |-----------------------------| D |-----------------------------| A |-----0------0------0---4-2-0-| E |-2-2---2--2---2--2---2-------| E| B| G| D|x4 A| E| F#m From the minute that you walked right trough the door Thoughts are racing in Bm my mind, time to explore I told my friends that A G# I just gotta have him F#m But don’t look now cause I see you staring at him F#m Then my vision had him walked on in the sides On a mission, for position Bm at the end of the night It’s like a pray playing A G# games with the hunter F#m Nowhere to run boy time to surrender G# G And all I need is to feel you (hold) All I want is to feel you
(refrão) F#m Reach out and touch me (Before I go insane) Reach out and touch me (Boy don't you make me wait) Bm I’m a diamond A G# you’re so on the money F#m Reach out and touch me G# G And all I need is to feel you Reach out and touch me F#m Like a pray your touch can take me there Ain’t no mind, you and Bm me in a secret affair Oh boy you’re killing me A F#m and you don’t even knowing F#m Try to hold back but I can’t control it F#m So I’m stepping to you skip the "How ya doing'?" Grab your hand and pull you closer to me yeah Bm Out the door slipping A G# then we start to kissing F#m Boy you’re invited to my fan-ta-ta-sy (Repete pré-refrão e refrão) F#m G# Baby, can’t you see how G you’re affecting me F#m Baby sensual G# G physical fantasy F#m Maybe faith brought G# G the two of us close F#m And now Don’t you F#m wanna don’t you wanna don’t you wanna don’t you wanna Reach out and touch me
Composição: Depeche Mode / Evan Bogart / Mika Guillory / Ryan TedderColaboração e revisão: Mariana C.

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