If We Go Easy

Holly Throsby

Stay while all the ships go
Sailing on out to sea
Stay for our lonesome window
That nobody else sees through
Aglow by the stove in the morning
Our backs against the fence
Nobody says they are sorry
And nobody gives in
We could stay playing games, babe
And always losing
Or if you go easy on me
Then I might go easy on you
If you go easy on me
Honey, do it
They've already been
That old swarm of bees
Many friends and enemies
Eating and drinking
We're picking up all of our things
And going on home in the van
Moving about in the kitchen
With bottles and cans
I'm your old lady
And baby, you're my old man
And if we go easy now
Well it just might be easier then
If we go easy now
Maybe then, maybe then
And if you go easy on my
Then I might go easy on you
If you go easy on me
Honey, do it

Composição: Holly ThrosbyColaboração e revisão: Roberto Barreto

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