Go back the way you came
Wrong way uh, if you stay
Prepare to have yo' shit rearranged
The way, I say

Where gold niggas spoon whipping over Pyrex
And brown skin acute spineless
With two kids, hood-minded
See adolescents fall victim to the mindless
Yeah, so baby-sitters, if you love us
And never pet the piggies
Hide the chickens in the covers
See that's the family stones and drop jewels
That's the only way the family love us
My momma water whipping while my daddy in a jail
Cause fast life look better than a J-O
And don't this feel like '95 nigga?
A drive-by killed 5 niggas
So what you doing with your life nigga?
And I reply, "Getting high, nigga"
An introduction to the hopeless
Generations passed down to the dope biz

Like I ain't got no, no crazy-ass
Cliche-ass, you know what I'm saying?
One of those stories
One of those hip-hop stories coming from
You know what I'm saying, the struggle
We was in the hood but
You know what I'm saying?
My momma never...she always got me what I
What I needed, she always provided for me even
When my dad didn't
You know I had a pops
Even when my dad wasn't always around
I always had a pops, so I don't know man
I always said I was gonna do this
So I guess I'm tryna actually do it
And I have fell in love
With this shit man, I just love this shit

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Odhara Valadares

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