Morveren's Lullaby

Isobel Anderson

Listen close
As the sun begins to go
And the river starts to flow
Oh my love
I love you so

And I've wanted you
For so long
With an aching
That must be wrong
I'll be your woman, your whore and your queen
It's so simple what you have to do for me

Just let me play with you boy

But you stayed
You stayed away
Until now I called you here today
And now you're here
Everything's brand new
And this song
I'll sing for you

And when you hear my voice
You'll begin to drown
And I'll drag you
I'll drag you down
And on your head I'll place a crown
You'll forget everything up until now

Just let me play with you boy

And when night falls
We'll walk among the trees
You'll lay me down
To lie in the leaves
And I'll sing you
I'll sing you to sleep
And when I wake you'll be gone
Far away from me

But I'll always be your woman
Your whore, your queen
A memory that lingers in your dreams
A melody that lingers in your thoughts
And for me
And for me it's a curse
Left to haunt

Just let me play with you boy

Composição: Isobel AndersonColaboração e revisão: Thiago FreitasThiago Freitas

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