Better Together

Jack Johnson

Tom: F
(solo intro) 1ª parte) E|------------------------------- B|------------------------------- G|--------12-------10------7----- D|--10/12----12\10----10\7---7\5- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|--------------------| B|--------------------| G|5-------------------| D|--------------------| A|--------------------| E|--------------------| 2ª parte) E|------------------------------- B|------------------------------- G|------7------10-------12------- D|--5/7---7/10----10/12----12\10- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|--------------------| B|--------------------| G|10------------------| D|---10---------------| A|--------------------| E|--------------------| (primeira parte) F F/E There's no combination of words Dm I could put on the back of a C postcard Bb Bb/A No song that I could sing but Gm C I can try for your heart F F/E Our dreams and they are Dm C Made out of real things Bb Bb/A Like a shoebox of photographs Gm C With sepia-toned loving F F/E Love is the answer at least Dm C For most of the questions in my heart Bb Bb/A Why are we here? And where do Gm we go? C And how come it's so hard? F F/E It's not always easy and sometimes Dm C Life can be deceiving Bb Bb/A I'll tell you one thing Gm It's always better when we're C together (refrão) Bb Hum it's always C B Better when we're together
Bb Yeah we'll look at the C B Stars when we're together Bb Well it's always C B Better when we're together Bb Yeah it's always C Better when we're together F F/E Dm C Bb Bb/A Gm C (segunda parte) F And all of these moments just might F/E Dm Find their way into my dreams C tonight Bb Bb/A But I know that they'll be gone Gm C When the morning light sings F F/E Or brings new things Dm C For tomorrow night you see Bb Bb/A That they'll be gone too, Gm C Too many things I have to do F But if all of these dreams might find F/E Dm C Their way into my day to day scene Bb Bb/A I'd be under the impression Gm C I was somewhere in between F F/E With only two, just me and you, Dm C Not so many things we got to do Bb Bb/A Or places we got to be we'll sit Gm C Beneath the mango tree now (refrão) Bb Yeah it's always C B Better when we're together Bb Hum we're somewhere C B In between together Bb Well it's always C B Better when we're together Bb Yeah it's always C Better when we're together F F/E Dm C Bb Bb/A Gm C (terceira parte) Gm C I believe in memories they look so, Gm C So pretty when I sleep Gm C And now when, and when I wake up Gm You look so pretty C Sleeping next to me Bb C But there is not enough time Bb And there is no no song I could C sing Bb And there is no combination of C words Bb I could say but I will still C Tell you one thing We're better together (repete solo intro) (solo final) 1ª parte) E|-------13-------10------8------ B|-10h13----13\10----10\8---8/10- G|------------------------------- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|10-------13---------| B|---10/13------------| G|--------------------| D|--------------------| A|--------------------| E|--------------------| 2ª parte) E|-------15-------13-------10- B|-13/15----15\13----13\10---- G|---------------------------- D|---------------------------- A|---------------------------- E|---------------------------- E|-----------------------| B|10\8/10----------------| G|-----------------------| D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------|
Composição: Jack JohnsonColaboração e revisão: Leandro SandimVictor BentivegnaFelipeGustavo Escott

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