Tom: G
[Intro] E|-------X------------------- B|-------X------------------- G|-------X------------------- D|-------X------------------- A|-x-1h3-X-X-X-1h3p1---1--1-- E|-------------------3------- E|-----------X----------------------X--- B|-----------X----------------------X--- G|-----------X----------------------X--- D|-----------X----------------------X--- A|-----------X-X-X-------1-2-x-2h3--X-X- E|3p1p0--1-1-------1h2h3---------------- ------------------------| ------------------------| ------------------------| --1h3p1---1p0-----------| X-------3-----3p0-------| --------------------1-1-| E|-X----------------------------- B|-X----------------------------- G|-X----------------------------- D|-X----------------------------- A|-X-X-X-----1-----1-----1-----1- E|-------1h3---1h3---1h3---1h3--- E|----------------------------------------X---------0-----| B|---X--------------------------X---------X---4--X--1-----| G|---X--------------------------X---------X---2--X--0-----| D|---X-3-3/5-3p0--2p0-----------X--1--1---X---------2-----| A|3--X-----------------3--------X--3--3---X---------3-----| E|---------------------------1-1---1--1-------------------| E|--0-0-0---0----0----0---------- B|--1-3-3/5-5/3--3----1-------1-- G|--0-0-0---0----0----0---2p0---- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|0-| B|1-| G|2-| D|3-| A|--| E|--| C C/B They say taylor was a good girl, never one to be late Am F C Complain, express ideas in her C/B Am F brain C C/B Working on the night shift, passing out the tickets Am F You're gonna have to pay her if C C/B Am F you want to park here C Well mommys little dancer has quite C/B a little secret Am F Working on the streets now, never C C/B Am F gonna keep it C C/B It's quite an imposition and now shes only wishing Am F That she would have listened to C C/B Am the words they said F Poor taylor
C C/B Am F She just wanders around, C unaffected by C/B Am F The winter winds and she'll C pretend that C/B Am F She's somewhere else, so far and C clear C/B Am About two thousand miles from here C C/B Peter patrick pitter patters on Am F the window C C/B Am But sunny silhouette wont let him F in C C/B Poor old petes got nothing because Am F hes been falling C C/B Somehow sunny knows just where hes Am F been C He thinks that singing on sunday is C/B Am F gonna save his soul C C/B Am F Now that saturday is gone C C/B Sometimes he thinks that hes on Am F his way C C/B Am But i can see F That his break lights are on C C/B Am He just wanders around, F C unaffected by C/B Am F The winter winds and he'll C pretend that C/B Am F He's somewhere else, so far and C clear C/B Am About two thousand miles from here C C/B Such a tough enchilada filled up with nada Am F Giving what she gotta give to get C C/B Am F a dollar bill C C/B Used to be a limber chicken, times a been a ticking Am F Nows shes finger licking to the man C C/B With the money in his pocket flying in his rocket Am F Only stopping by on his way to a C C/B Am better world F C If taylor finds a better world C/B Am F C Then taylor's gonna run away
Composição: Jack JohnsonColaboração e revisão: Mano CazuraMarcos PauloSamuel MoraesMar. Giongoe mais 9

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