Jeffree Star

Fakebestfriend (hahaha)

There once was a girl with a pretty smile (hehe)
Who every day forced herself to walk a milke
Teachers told she was way too fucking fat (fucking fat)
And of course, this girl just had to re-act (boo fucking hoo)
She stopped eating for a week or two
She thought her ballet teachers already knew
She put on a smille (hehehe)
And did her hair (hahaha)
And wiped the vomit from her upper lip

One day she was in the middle of a ballet class (la dee da)
And everyone watched her as she fell on her ass (wah)
She blacked out, and woke up in the presence of a doctor
Her parents sat her down (we love you)
She sat there in denial (I'm not anorexic!)
Their jaws dropped when she told them how long it had been (14 days)
She didn't know what else to say (hehe)
So the doctor spoke up, and said

Anorexia isn't the way to happiness (then what is?)
Anorexia isn't the way to go (but it feels so good!)
Anorexia will cut your life much shorter (no it won't)
Anorexia is a mental disorder (haha)

So the next day she went to her church and fucked herself with a crucifix
And danced around like the little fucked-up girl from the exorcist
And everyone looked at her and said: Oh my God thats blasfimist
That's right, bitch
She said fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me
She peed on the persien carpet
Then her bed started shaking
And then she died
Everyone cried

Oh my God, I'm so fat. (anorexia)
Goes with my new outfit. (anorexia)

Anorexia isn't the way to happiness (yes it is)
It's not a joke, bitch (hahahaha)
Anorexia isn't the way to go (yes it is hahaha)
Anorexia will cut your life much shorter (at least I'll live cute)
Anorexia is a mental disorder (then call me fucking crazy)

So when these dumb bitches on myspace
Think it's funny to joke about anorexia
When in reality
These 12-year-old girls are being pounded everyday in their heads
To beleive they're way to fat for life (fucking fat)
And they're never good enough (you're not good enough bitch)
Hey, I'm never big enough (way too fucking fat)

Just grow up
Stop letting everyone pressure you, you fucking whore
Insecurity is really sad, it's really really unattractive
Wanna fuck?

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Filipe Campos

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