Darkness surrounds us we fall in the arms of the night
You felt so warm but you're cold in the morning light

You said you love me but I can't believe it's real
I see you changing and I don't know what to feel
Hold me like a man but You treat me like a fool

cruel... your love is so cruel
Whispers of love and your tender touch stole my heart
Two perfect strangers so near yet we're going too far

I play the pawn in your masquerade
You took my love and you threw it all away
(I don't know why you treat me like you do)

Cruel... your love is so cruel
(To feel the way you do)
I felt the pain of love once before
Been through the changes
And I came back for more
I closed my eyes
And I opened my heart
But now I'm alone in the dark

There's nothing left
But your memory
You took the very heart
And soul of me
I never knew that you'd break me
In two

Cruel... your love is so cruel
(To feel the way you do)
Cruel... your love is so cruel
(To treat me like you do)

Oh baby you hurt me deep inside
I'm a man...
I got my pride
You tear me up...
Got no place to hide
Do You do what you do...

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Weschap

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