Skinny Duppin Girl

Joe Purdy

Tom: C
Capo V Verse Chords: C - Am - F - G Chorus Chords: Am - C - F - G Intro/Verse: C Am E -------------------------------- B -------------------------------- G -------------0(0h)--2--0-------- D -------0h2------------------2--- A ----3--------------------------- E -------------------------------- F G E|---------------------------------- B|----------1---------------0------- G|----------0h2p0-----------0------- D|0-------3---------------0-----0--- A|------3--------------------------- E|-----------------------3---------- Chorus: Am C E ------------------------------- B ---------1------------1-------- G ---------2------------0-------- D ------2-----2------2-----0----- A ---0-----------3------------3-- E ------------------------------- F G E|------------------------------| B|---1-----------0--------------| G|---2-----------0--------------| D|3-----3-----0-----0-----------| A|------------------------------| E|---------3--------------------| Verse 1: C Am F G I've been watchin’ steady, C Am And I've been watchin’ you F G watchin’ me. C Am F Think that sunrise gonna turn G C your blue eyes green. Am F G I saw you jump in the river, And you invite me to take a swim. I can notice you ain’t wearin’ nothin’ 'Cept your sun kissed skin.
Believe i'll jump right in Believe i'll jump right in Chorus: Am C F G Your my skinny dip…pin'… Am C F G Your my skinny dip…pin'… Am C F G C Your my skinny dip…pin' girl, Verse 2: …dippin' girl We been playin’ all these nights, And you’ve been dancing’ just right. See you lookin’ my way just a’from the stage, Can't concentrate…(I can't). And I can’t wait for this show to end, We can go down to the dock there. When that sunlight is turnin’ dim, now Me and you, we’re gonna jump right in, We gonna jump right in, Oh, we gonna jump right in, We gonna jump right in. Chorus: Your my skinny dippin', Your my skinny dippin', Your my skinny dippin' girl. Verse 3: My skinny dippin' girl, yeah, Your my skinny dippin' girl, We’ve been drinkin all night, just Having ourselves such a damn good time. Watchin' your hair so wet, Oh darlin, just trying to contain myself, yeah Trying to contain myself, Can't contain myself, Yeah cause… Chorus: Your my skinny dippin' Love my skinny dippin' Your my skinny dippin' girl Verse: Skinny dippin' girl Your my skinny dippin' girl, no Mmm…skinny dippin' girl, yeah, mmm (End on C)
Composição: Joe PurdyColaboração e revisão:

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