Joel Plaskett

Where did you go
After the show
I went looking for you
Out in the snow
After so many years
It's ended in tears
Where will you be when the smoke all clears?

I don't know why I came here in the first place
To find you, to find myself
To tell the truth, or to save face

You've got a picture of her
That you carry around
But China's not the same as Chinatown

I want the opportunity to set my record straight
The bumps in the road, they got the best of me
I showed up a little bit too late
I was slipping in the shadows, forgetting my friend
What should have been so simple was tricking me
It's a long walk home
I'd not recommend it to anybody else

You were right, I was wrong
That is why we have this song
Apology has come to me
But you won't sing along

I was wrong, you were right
I sing it by myself tonight
I apologize, so open up your eyes
And step into the light

This one's for the record
I'm sorry
This one's for the record side one
Two sides to every story
This one's for the record
The damage i've done

This one's for the record
I'm sorry
This one's for the record side two
For what it is worth
Across the face of the earth
This one's for the record
This one's for the record

And the record...

Composição: Joel PlaskettColaboração e revisão: ros

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