Happen Now

Joel Plaskett

Tom: C
HAPPEN NOW EVERYTHING IS STANDARD EXCEPT Caug AND F* Caug F* e|-----0----------------3--------- B|-----1----------------1--------- G|-----1----------------2--------- D|-----2----------------3--------- A|-----3-------------------------- E|-------------------------------- Verse C F Lean on in and let me bend your ear C I heard a little love could go a F long way here C F If I could I'd get lost tonight C In the deep dark woods under the F neon lights RIFF (x2) C When your light turned green and my F lamp got lit C I made my first mistake and man I F paid for it
Chorus C G What do you want me to do to make F it happen now? (x2) RIFF (x2) C F All my life man I've been runnin' scared C But when I turn around I dont see F nobody there Tenor Guitar solo(not tabbed) (Am-F) BRIDGE C Caug To be alone, to come undone, F F* To be the one to be with you CHORUS C G What do you want me to do to make F it happen now? (x4) RIFF UNTIL END e|---15--12-------12----8------- B|------------15------------8--- G|------------------------------ D|------------------------------ A|------------------------------ E|------------------------------ e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|10--------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------9--10--9--7-------------------9------7--------------------------| D|---------------------10--7-------7-----10-----9----10--9---7----------| A|------------------------------10----------------------------------10--| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------| If you are playing this alone, i like to put it in open C (GGCGCE) All C's are open, all F's are a bar on 5 and G is a bar on 7. This way the riff can be but still have the chords in the background. The riff : e|--15-12----12---8-------------- B|--------13--------7-9---------- G|----------------------9--10--9- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- e|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|7--------------9----7------------- D|---12--9----9----12---11--12--11-- A|---------12----------------------- E|---------------------------------- ------| ------| ------| 9-----| --12--| ------|
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