Mystery And Crime

Joel Plaskett

Tom: E
Tabbed by - * Intro/verses: Just a B chord, with a quick E major thrown in at the end at parts. If you listen to the you will get it. chorus: go back to the verses, starting with the quick E Major thingy. Picking part in the chorus: (the exact order of the strings being picked might not be right, i dont have my guitar here at work, but again, if you listen to the song you will it perfect.
B G#m e|--------2-------2------2-------- B|----4-----4-------4------4----4- G|--4---4------4------4-------4--- D|-------------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- e|---------------------------------- B|-----5-4----5-4----5-4------------ G|--6------------------------------- D|6-------6-------6----------------- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- For the E chord just pick this shape with the same picking pattern as before e|-2------------------------------ B|-0------------------------------ G|-1------------------------------ D|-2------------------------------ A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- for C#m, E part ( 'murder, murder!') pick this for the C#m, and the above for chord again for the E. e|-------------------------------- B|--------5-----5-----5----------- G|----6-----6-----6-----6--------- D|--6---6-----6-----6-----6------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- I am not able to tab the solo by memory, but here is the last solo part uring the C#m, E ends the song, now its time to turn on the fuzz!!! e|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|-------------------------------- D|--/11--13---11--13--11--13--11-- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- e|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|---------------------------------- D|13--6--/9------------------------- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- I hope this makes sense to you, im very new at tabbing songs out, and im not sure how to properly tab out the picking parts, but as i said before, use this tab as a guide while to the song, and you should learn it no problem. Im very confidant this tab is correct. see some more joel tabs on the net!!! I would love to see 'blinding light' or of the moon' Cheers, Gary MacIntyre
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