A World Of 100

Johnny Rain

The world is fucking shit
Three blind nuns in the back of a sheltered building
Holy water, Lord do you hear our cries?
Out back there's a couple of men for the purge
To set fire to the church, is it cold outside?
What did we lose?
Oh, bang bang shots from the clip of the gun
Oh, is anywhere safe, do you live on the run?
What do you do?

What have we done?
What have we done?
What do we do?
What have we done?

Look at the children
All lined up in a scare getting ready for war
A block down, in a no man land
There's a band of 13, playing king
Is it to late for us?
What do we do?
How do you believe in a God that's been watching
All the hell from the heaven above?

I see what you mean
But don't you think much more was expected of us?
Where is the love?
What have we done?
What have we done?
What do we do?

Composição: Johnny RainColaboração e revisão: Rafael Cassiano

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