Angels On Her Shoulders

Josh Ritter

She walked right in
As time slowed down
But not enough
To keep me from ordering up

Another round
In a bottomless cup
That I had found
In the hopes of never waking up the

Jukebox played
An old country song
About steel guitars
And how he'll try his level best
To get along
In the same old bar
Though friends gone wrong
Well he once had love but I never got that far

She must have angels on her shoulders
Their light wherever she may be
She says the angels do not know her
I guess I'm the only one who sees

So I got my drink
And my fix my rose
But I need much more
Then this powdered blue and rented tuxedo

I need a line
A-something she don't know
Cause' she's probably heard them all a thousand times
So I caught her eye
For the next song
And the waltz replaced
The tango like she knows that I don't belong
In these shoes
I feel all wrong
But that's just my pride, what have I got to lose?

Well last call called
But I didn't hear
I was too busy looking
At her across the remnants of my beer
She stood to leave
And then it all came clear
That life without her was all I had to fear

You must have angels on your shoulders
Their light wherever you may be
She asks me would I like to show her?
I think I might be just the guy you need

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: lolo verde

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