Mixed-Up Man Of The Mountains


Looking at the ground
I'm crying for the sky
I know I can't hope to go
Where I can't be found
But when I close my eyes
I start to fly

The sun burns down on me
I'm praying he'll take me away
So very much higher
Than the peaks above me
I open myself, my spirit is free
And I start to fly

As a lead upon the breeze
Higher than the chains of mortal man
Surrounded by the wonders of a life I saw but never knew
Revealed the hazy secrets of the mountain man
But soon as I am here I have to go

Driving To Amsterdam
We look ahead for miles
Down our avenue of lights
We motor past the airport
In the flatness of the night
Its fairy beads reflected
In the shining of your eye

Can it be that there's so many
That have been through this whole scene before ?

Staring at the ground
For I knew not what to do
I turned full around
And found myself, in you

The water looks so placid
To deny that it's a threat
Our weary faces smiling
With the energy that's left
Your flowing now has reached me
And I feel I want to stay

There's no need for a reason
We switched off our thinking hours ago

Still we're driving onward
Moving steady as a plane
Moonbug cars flash past us
As we head the other way
Across the dyke of worry
To a Nederlander dream

Now the morning opens slowly
On what seems a very special day

Composição: Nick Greenwood / Steve HillageColaboração e revisão: Denis Lima

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