King 810

I thought I smelled your scent today
And it took me on a ride I can’t readily explain
I couldn’t find a word to say
I just froze there in place and my body shot a million ways
My past comes creeping up again

I thought I heard your hands today
Heard them play a serenade on piano keys so far away
I don’t know how this could be
Cause your hands were tied
I tied them tight behind your back and to your feet
My past comes creeping up again

She was as thick as I am sick
And my body still bears the scars from her kick
Her kiss was warm as piss
No one has ever made me feel like this
She couldn’t enjoy it
She couldn’t fake
She couldn’t do anything through all of the tape
She wasn’t willing to give what I wanted to take

I thought I saw your face today on a body in the street
Laying a sort of tragic way
Your brown eyes bled out to grey
And they were holes as deep as space
Full of flies full of decay
My past comes creeping up again

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Mad Max

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