Give My People Back

King 810

Devil take my hand pen me out some words
That will make them understand
Understand what Hell is like
Devil use my voice try and explain to them
That i didn't have a choice
It was my life or its their life
Because they have never had a knife in their skin
Or a bullet hit them or a friend die in the pen
And they have never slept outside in the cold
Lied cheated and stole and begged for it to end

When the wind blows it hurts
When they touch me its worse
Tell me whats this all worth
Because Hell is hot and i’m not fit for life on earth
Go to Hell and i tellem give my people back
Devil man this i ask you give my people back
All ive done wasn't fun i think you owe me that
March through Hell like i came to take my people back

Givem back now

Woman take your hands press them
Both together and pray to the man
Pray for his forgiveness
You can't help who you love
Ask that when you go that he lets you up above
So that he dont punish both of us

Because you have never put a gun on
A man squeezed as many times as you can
Until it locks up and jams
And you ain't ever went to Hell
And made a deal seen that he was real
And been a part of his plan

All my Brothers doing years off in prison
Or those who spend their lives in the system
Those wishing they had a life worth living
Or those who are enslaved by religion
All the children who were born without a chance
I’m one of you for everything its worth
Who sit in silence cuz the faintest sound hurts

Hell is hot and i’m not fit for life on earth

Givem back now
We fight and we dont back down

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Leonardo Souza

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