La Petite Mort

King 810

You think God hears a prayer said in Hell
Just know I'm doing life in a 6 square mile cell
That I'm sharing with a 100000 sisters and brothers
Were sentenced to death for sins of thy father
And being birthed here by our mothers
And I wouldn't trade it in for the worlds weight in gold
And they haven't built one like me since me I am told

Shot my first gun when only a few feet tall I stood
And it wasn't with my father out hunting in the woods
It was in the streets of my city handgun in my hand
Shooting at the other kids, but you wouldn't understand
See none of us had fathers, well our fathers weren't a man
It was a woman called our mother and we would struggle and
It wasn't living it was surviving and we were constantly at war
War left me nerves of steel and I don't feel much anymore

And love is just a word that I say
And I can't live it because I see it get people killed all day
3 little brothers incarcerated I don't say it for your pity
I mean I can still get you stabbed behind the wall if you fuck with me
I was born to die here in Flint
And I haven't done that yet so in turn I ain't done shit
But lie here naked in the tub, filling it up with blood
Thinkin' how I'm gonna get even, while my body drained of love

They tried to take my life at 27
I tried to take my life too motherfucker it just wasn't happening
I just wanna shoot and bring a body back to Michigan
That's points on the board
I was stayin' up all nite when you would sleep and you would snore
And they wanna say I don't deserve this
I gave up my life to get here, you wanna talk about purpose
You have no purpose speaking
They get killed for that where I come from nearly every fuckin' evening

La Petite Mort
La Petite Mort
La Petite Mort
La Petite Mort

Tell 'em the whole story, tell 'em you surround yourself with ill intentions
How its bad karma and it eats at you and your henchmen

Father can you hear this, I know I'm asking and I'm worthless
But can you take the shackles from my ankles
Can you remove the bracelets from my wrists
Father can you send for me like I've climbed off into the wind
And it carried me far away from here
And I would never come back here again

Cause father I'm a rolling stone
And my daddys not around and my mamma ain't home
And the law is always coming after me
And its like I got the Devil on the back of me

I was brought up in schools where they shoot each other in elementary
6 years old we put kids in the cemetery
So when you go to bury me a 100 fuckin' men will have to carry me
Why I'll weigh a ton, why I'll be carryin' a 100 fuckin' guns
Cuz we die before we run, money don't buy respect, money doesn't cure pain
It doesn't take the scars out of my face its who I am, were not the same

When I get down on my knees to pray the bullet wounds just ache in my legs
And I'm not supposed to be on the worlds stage
And People aren't supposed to hear the words I say
Cuz I've seen death and crying and suffering
And you all speak but you've never seen a fuckin' thing
Cuz you are weak cocksucker and I am KING
Or a God in this land as a conscious being

You know sex still sells and drugs still sell
But the truth doesn't sell never has never will
I'm on the front line, I catch the bullet first
My Brothers carry me or bury me whatever works

Why whenever you speak its from a safe place
Cuz you don't wanna have all these holes in your face
And you don't want addicted to how your own blood tastes
You don't wanna have to get even for murder that's taken place

So I'm riding around loaded gun looking for the enemy
Pray that when I see him God do your best to help me
But don't help me be the better man
Help me have clear vision, help me have a steady hand
Help me bring this child back to you and if his family seeks revenge well
I'll be sending them on up too
Before you have an opinion know you would never do what I did to get here
You'd never save up what I saved up
You'd never give up what I gave up left em layin' face up

So this morning when my Brothers woke
Tell them to give my things to everyone I know
And give a message to my father too
Tell him I see his face on everyone I shoot
It makes it easy to do

La Petite Mort
La Petite Mort
La Petite Mort
La Petite Mort

Composição: Andrew WorkmanColaboração e revisão: Valter Junior

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