How To Disappear

Lana Del Rey

Tom: G
[Primeira Parte] G Em John met me down on the boulevard G Em Cry on his shoulder 'cause life is hard C D The waves came in over my head G Bm C What you been up to my baby? G Em Haven't seen you 'round here lately C D All of the guys tell me lies but you don't Em C You just crack another beer Em C And pretend that you're still here [Refrão] C D Em Bm This is how to disappear C D G Em This is how to disappear
[Segunda Parte] G Em Joe met me down at the training yard G Em Cuts on his face 'cause he fought too hard C D I know he's in over his head G Em But I love that man like nobody can G He moves mountains and turns them Bm Em to ground again C D And I watched the guys getting high as they fight Em C For the things that they hold dear Em C To forget the things they fear [Refrão] C D Em Bm This is how to disappear C D G This is how to disappear [Ponte] G Well now, it's been years since I Em left New York G Em And I've got a kid and two cats in the yard C D The California sun and the movie stars C And I watched the skies getting D light as I write Em C As I think about those years Em C And I whisper in your ear C D Em I'm always going to be right here Bm C D Em Bm No one's going anywhere ( C D Em Bm ) ( C D G )
Composição: Jack Antonoff / Lana Del ReyColaboração e revisão: Marianna SilvaCelso ZimbargBrenda Justa

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