Drama Queen

Lindsay Lohan

Tom: A
E There was a girl I knew who always wanted to be the one to stand out from the crowd Always believed that she was gonna live her dreams That what when down was gonna come around A For all the doubters, non-believers, the cynicals that once were dreamers E One of these days you'll open up your eyes And you'll realize {Refrão} E That girl was a one time teenage drama queen D A hyped up everyday wannabee A But she'll have changed her destiny
E Now she's a somebody That girl was a wild child dreamer but she found herself D 'Cause she believes in nothin' else A And you'll look back and you won't believe E That girl was me Armed with an attitude that she knows how to use She's gonna get there any way she can Now she knows what she wants No one is gonna stop her Nothing's ever gonna hold her down For all the doubters, non-believers the cynicle that once were dreamers One of these days you'll know that you were wrong (who would've know) {Refrão} {Falado} Life is a work of art- you gotta paint it colorful Can make it anything you want Don't have to stick to any rules You don't need a high IQ to succeed in what you do You just gotta have no doubt just believe in yourself A Doubters, non-believers, once were dreamers E One of these days you'll open up your eyes And you'll realize {Refrão}
Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Hellektra

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