Little Wings

Then, (Ida?) break the spell of change,
And so to duly rearrange,
The faces that you've seen before.
And, let the will of absence pour.

The gravity will keep you near,
Inside its arms that are so clear that
You may never even see them, but
Realize everything could be them.

Up and down your chest will rise.
There's no invisible disguise.
Your face is open sky sometimes.
Your chest a forest grown inside.

Feed it, let it grow, and replicate.
The universe, you know it has no weight.
It waits for magnets, waits for gravity.
So I know everything I have was sent for me.

Unwrap it all and skin me.
Climb on all the branches in me.
Look through light and see me in it.
Name the game so we can win it.

And, everything, oh everything,
In your cloaks you go,
Disguising what you work through,
Talking to me as I go.

And, become my life, become my time.
Become that year that's never mine.
Let that come through, let glory shine.
Grow up and feel the change inside.

Expand, expand like land horizon.
Sponge and water soak the skies.
Intake through what brought you by breathing
Life into the life you're leading.

First came dust and light,
So it's late at night,
And I can see the first thing in your
Headlights while we drive.

And we pull over.
I am sober.
My face looks older.
You touch my shoulder.

Now you've seen me.
Now I've seen you.
Now we try somehow to share the time
That we've been through.

And, I could feel the brains were born anew,
Anew by light of morning, walking
In the skin that grew.
It grew me and I grew it too.

It knew me and I knew it too.
And no one feels the day go through
Exactly in the way I do.
That's what makes me, me, and you, you.

And I can be what makes me.
And you won't be what breaks me.
And I can wait for all that wakes me,
In the way I've always done.

I'm finding out what chose me,
How to use the hand that rose me,
How to sing the word that woes me.
In a way I've just begun.

In a way I've just begun unravelling
This costume at the seams that I design.
I know it inside out.
I know that you attend may bring.

But whenever I am here,
I am aware of everything.

I'm something I can understand.
I am the sky, I am the land.
I am the foot, I am the hand.
I am the wave headed for sand.
I am the cattle and the brand.
I am the souvenir stand.
I am the hometown, local band.
I am the mic, I am the stand,
I'm everybody.

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: AdDiaz .

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