Kingdom Hearts (Sora's Theme)

Lizz Robinett

Out in the distant horizon awaiting me
There’s a new world I yearn to see
Marching ahead, never dwelling on yesterday
‘Cuz tomorrow’s a brand new day

Somewhere, residing deep in my heart
I feel a power awaken within

With every journey, a brand new chapter unfolds
In these stories yet to be told
Hand in hand, with my truest friends by my side
We’ll adventure into the sky

Somehow, with every step that I take
I feel a part of myself slowly wake

Out in the dark, there are people in need of me
And their lives all depend on me
Though it is hard, I just can’t leave them suffering
With their souls and hearts slumbering

Trust me, I’ll fix the broken mistakes
I’ll be there for them whatever it takes

Fighting the darkness and shadows that come our way
Rest assured, it will be okay
Anything’s possible when you look to the light
We won’t give up without a fight

We’ll walk together towards dark unseen
And our hearts will be our guiding key

Composição: Hikaru Utada / Jason Boyd / Sonny MooreColaboração e revisão: Esther Santos

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