Not Now Doesn't Mean Never

Marvin Sapp

Verse 1:
I know there are some things you want,
some things you need,
some things you've been waiting for.
Some prayers you prayed,
sacrifices you've made,
and you're wondering how much more.

Listen, let me tell you,
I've been there a time or two,
but what I found out on this journey,
God knows what's best for you.

If it's not now, it doesn't mean never,
it only means there's a time and place
that's so much better.

Just learn to be patient
for your change will come,
know that not now doesn't mean never.

Verse 2:
I know there's beeen some cloudy days,
some nights you cried,
all because life looked so dim.
You see the dreams you had,
haven't come to pass,
and you're trying to keep your trust in Him.

Listen, let me tell you,
weeping may endure for a night,
but if you just keep your faith in Him,
everything is gonna be alright.


It could've been (the right time),
but it was (the wrong place),
could've felt (so right),
but it was (so wrong).

Maybe not (today),
but it could (be tomorrow),
I need you to understand that...


Composição: Percy BadyColaboração e revisão: Érika Santos

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