Verse 1:
Now that I'm a child of God,
I'm not the man I used to be,
oh what a great change in me.

Released my shackles, now I'm free,
gave me life eternally,
makes me do right
when I wanna do wrong.

There's no more...

(looking at my face, filled with disgrace),
(over what I've done),
(thank You for Your Son).
(You never turned away)
(from Mama when she prayed),
(save our soul one day)
and then He gave me...

(Power) power
(to walk right) walk right.

(Power) power
(to talk right),
He gave me...

(Power) power
(to the live right) to live right.

(Power) power
(I'm alright, alright).

Verse 2:
No more looking back for me,
I'm going to serve Him faithfully,
I'm going to give Him all I have to give.

For there's a world that needs to know
how much the Lord loves them so,
and I'm going to tell it everywhere that I go.

I'm going to stay on my feet
Lord help me please
To do your perfect will
Your purpose I must fill
I must preach your holy world
To those who never heard
Each and every hour
Because you gave me....


You gave me power
so I can live,
now I can live.

You gave me power
so I can live,
now I can live.


Composição: Percy BadyColaboração e revisão: Érika Santos

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