Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)


I punched and hit it, trying to get it
To do what I wanted to do
I cried and scream when I saw my dream
It was dancing all around the room
Oh baby, I sing my song
I just couldn\'t wait for you
Energy, energy, played its trick
And I knew what I had to do

Baby baby that's no lie
Baby baby don't ask me why

Take it, bake it, break it up
Build it back together again
I\'m trying to drive you
Tying it off, then take where it's never been
Sing it lewd, try it in the nude, try it standing on your head
Shake it, fake it, crash it off
Now bring it on home to bed

Baby baby that's no lie
You sure find friends when your friends find time

Flying, soaring, topping it off
Riding on the crest of a wave
Power abounding as the music surrounds you
Sonically lighting your way
Oh baby, off we go
Heading for a brand new place
The song\'s been sung, the deed\'s been done
Staring you right in the face

Baby, baby watch your step
You know you really ain't seen nothing yet

Composição: Fred Sonic SmithColaboração e revisão: Danyella N.S

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