Black Friday (feat. Tyler)


I rock a black tee, i step in black shoes
My denim jeans black and my fitted is too
I date a white girl soundin' black on the phone
I'll whip a 750 if it's black on chrome
I need a black card cause i'm a black shopper
Clean out the stores like somebody robbed ya
Glad trash bags, throw them in the black bags
The black bags with the gold writin' on the black tag
The jager in my cup is licorice black
Soon as i turn the bottle more liquor spillin' back
I'm rich, i'm wealthy, i'm drunk and i'm black
I'm dope, i'm coke, i'm weed, i'm crack
I'll get you high like you relapsed
It's blacc friday and i'm glad to be black
It's blacc friday and i'm glad to be black

What do we do on blacc friday?
Chill with my crew on blacc friday
Get in the mood on blacc friday
You know what? nigga, it's blacc friday
What do we do on blacc friday?
Chill with my crew on blacc friday
Get in the mood on blacc friday
Cause it's friday, it's blacc friday

White bitches, white girls, white drugs
Black girls don't do it but my type does
Fuck it in my white van, beat her with a nice white nightstand
Until i give her gashes where it's nothin' but the white meat
E-t-i-h, w's, double d's on her knees
White gargle yellow fuckin' bumblebees
Use whitey's as my dinner course for intercourse
So much fuckin' white make darth vader have a dimmer force
But of course, i'm the white boy that shows no remorse
Pull up on a stark with enough white to kill a horse
Nigga friday, fuck a blacc friday, umm
Wolf gang make a white pregnant bitch wan' abort
Bring the remainin' red and white pieces to the fort
Odd future, there wolves bang where a couple bears hang
With a white box logo with a couple stains
From a black creampie in a whitey, make it light gray

Gravis black box, gray hundreds sox
Everythin' new, so my whole team rock like metallica
Gun metal twenty-ten challenger
Shit stress free i ain't even gon' hassle her
I just play my part make moves like chess
Ask your bitch who the best, question mark like guess?
Make a mess outta tracks, got my hat back
Shades dark as fuck so all i see is black
Bet that, look i'm a hot topic nigga
My attire dark lookin' like a gothic nigga
Spit shit take off like a rocket, nigga
Got the whole west coast in my pocket nigga
Pitch the rock, mike vick, swag so sick
Ask 'bout me bitch, dressed like an eclipse
Tell the truth, this shit wouldn't be fun without me
Bitch i'm drawing black lines ask the hundreds about me

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Hick

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