Memphis Bleek

[Beanie Sigel]
1-900-Hustler, Sigel, holla at your 
What's the problem shorty?

Yeah whattup man
I'm the only nigga from Brooklyn out
 here man
I'm tryin to lock the spot down, 
holla at me

[Beanie Sigel]
Alright; hold on - Hova, line one

Here's a couple of suggestions of 
how you could finesse it
You find a dude in town, you send 
him a short message
Say, ""Hey, I'm new in town, I don't
 know my way around
but I got some soft white that's sure to come back brown I get that butter all night cause most niggaz don't know a brick from a bike They keep buyin hard white And if you free tomorrow night we can meet and discuss price FYI, I never been robbed in my life"" Or -- you find a chick, shit, you hole up in her crib and let her introduce you 'round town like her man Shake hands, make friends like it's all innocent then -- before they look up you sellin the town cook-up Or -- gorilla pimp, come up on that killer shit Take a nigga brick, smack him, then you sell it back to them Still there Brooklyn? [Shorty] Yeah yeah that's gangsta, I think I'ma roll with that one [Jay-Z] Make out a check for eight hundred dollars Jigga Man, holla [*click*, *dial tone*] [Beans] 1-900-Hustler, Sigel, holla at your boy [Chris] Whassup Sig? This Chris out the Young Guns dog [Beans] Whattup? [Chris] I'm ready to smash these niggaz in the rap game The niggaz takin too long with that advance money and shit [Beans] Yeah [Chris] Talkin 'bout chill, chill don't pay the bills [Beans] Yeah I feel that [Chris] I know you well connected dog Let me holla at somebody real [Beans] Aight look, I got the p
Composição: Bernard Big Demi Parker / C. Harris / C. Thomas / Dwight Grant / E. Del Barrio / Hadi Muhammed / Haroun Elhadi / Inga Marchand / Irv Gotti / J Smith / Jay-Z / Jeffrey Atkins / K. Johnson / Lalo Schifrin / M. Jones / M. Thurston Cox / M. White / Malik Cox / Quincy Jones / R. Kelly / Raymond Grant / Richard Grant / Shawn Carter / T. Anderson / T.J. Green / Tim Mosley / Timbaland / V. WhiteColaboração e revisão: Cristina Pacheco

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