All Good


Baby keep on calling my phone
Wanna know when I'm a come home
She telling me that I be fucking bitches
And I told her that she trippin'
Cause you must be high off shrooms
Want to investigate me when I come in the room
Talking bout where you been at
And why you ain't pick up your phone?
I've been on the road stacking money
Talking bout I treat her Macaulay Culkin
Cause she stay at home alone
But it's all good though

When I come in with them M&Ms
And tell you to count up this big bankroll
Everything good though
Told me stop trapping but you told me
That you wanna get up out the hood though
All my hard work, it done paid off
Shawty stayed down since day one
Got to keep her by my side like my Tommy gun
Put on my jewelry baby, shine like the sun

Ok I be on a private jet to Portuguese to just pick up some Benjamin Franklins
From some people I ain't never seen
The OGs keep telling me boy you gon make history
Told my bitch you better ask about a nigga in these streets
We can go to MIA to see the palm trees
Lamborghini, man we pull up on Daytona Beach
When I look into her eyes I make her panties leak
She still probably won't believe so we taking a trip to go to Belize
But it's all good though

Quavo talk to em' ooh
You know you're shining baby
Looking like some VVS diamonds baby
Want to thank your mama, my God what a creation
Wanna welcome you into my mansion with an invitation
I'm a young nigga, ain't used to relations
So you know I ain't patient
She told me she black and she Asian
Look how she walk when she came in
She hate it when I got to go on the road
But she like it when I bring back the hundos
She cooking spaghetti and gumbo
Mama told me don't eat no sauce from no hoes
But you know a nigga really like you
But you tryna shut down my empire
That's my lifestyle, like the wire
You too bipolar, baby you fire

I had to fly out to Vegas to show her that I'm a player
I'm not used to cuffing the women but I'm gonna save her
Booty fatter than Deelishis, when I hit her we lay up
We together, get up on our knees and we say our prayers
Ain't no trials and tribulations, we having some patience
25 she got two cars, and a house that she pays for
So what else could I ask for, first night I was mad, I didn't smash
And that taught me a lesson, lil mama got to be special
She just want to kick it with me, we can travel wherever
She know I got a busy schedule, sometimes she be acting selfish
When I hit her she be quitting cause she say it's too much pleasure
She telling me her favorite song is Handsome and Wealthy
She love it when I'm kissing on her body, start to melt her
I be murdering the pussy, I should have another felon
We sticking together just like we salt and pepper
But it's all good though

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: IndieQueen Victoria

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