Christmas Wrapping

Miranda Cosgrove

Tom: D
Intro: A C#m D E Bm A Verso 1: A Bah, humbug! No, that's too strong Cause it is my favorite holiday D But all this year's been a busy blur G Don't think I have the energy A To add to my already mad rush Just cause it's this the season D The perfect gift for me would be G Completions and connections left from A Last year ski shop Encounter most interesting D Had his number but never the time G Most of 81 passed along those lines A So deck those halls, trim those trees Raise up cups of Christmas cheer D I just need to catch my breath Bm A Christmas by myself this year Verso 2: A Calendar picture, frozen landscape Chilled this room for twenty-four days D Evergreens, sparkling snow G Get this winter over with A Flashback to springtime, saw him again, Would've been good to go for lunch D Couldn't agree when we were both free
G We tried, we said we'd keep in touch A Didn't, of course, til summertime Out to the beach to his boat could I join him? D No, this time it was me G Sunburn in the third degree A Now the calendar's just one page And, of course, I am excited D Tonight's the night but I've set my mind Bm A Not to do too much about it ( D G D G A ) (3x) ( D G D G F#m Em D/F# ) Refrão: A Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! But I think I'll miss this one this year Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! But I think I'll miss this one this year Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! But I think I'll miss this one this year Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! But I think I'll miss this one this year Verso 3: A Hardly dashing through the snow Cause I bundled up too tight D Last minute have-to-do's G A few cards a few calls A Cause it's r-s-v-p No thanks, no party lights D It's Christmas Eve, gonna relax G Turned down all of my invites A Last fall I had a night to myself Same guy called, halloween party D Waited all night for him to show G This time his car wouldn't go A Forget it it's cold it's getting late Trudge on home to celebrate D In a quiet way, unwind Bm A Doing Christmas right this time Verso 4: A A&P has its provided me With the world's smallest turkey D Already in the oven, nice and hot G Oh damn! Guess what I forgot? A So on with the boots back out in the snow To the only all-night grocery D When what to my wondering eyes should appear G In the line is that guy I've been chasing all year I'm spending this one alone, he said. Need a break; this year's been crazy. D I said, Me too, but why are you? G You mean you forgot cranberries too? A Then suddenly we laughed and laughed Caught on to what was happening D That Christmas magic's brought this tale Bm A To a very happy ending
Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Natália Huch

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