I Will Do


It all started like a joke
Like a needle, like a sting
Like a hand around my throat
Boys and girls were dancing in the rain

Woman came from nowhere
Like a sudden gush of wind
Nobody seen her, nobody knew her
She stepped in the line
Between the girls holding hands
If that is the game
Why don't you let me understand

I will do whatever you will do
I will go wherever you will go
I will follow you into the fall
And I will answer to your call

If we had only looked
We could have seen
But the woman chose her man
For one night only
And whoever she chose was a helpless soul
Like a needle, like a sting,
Couldn't go to any other one

Well in the morning the boy lay naked
In the daylight there,
We knew what we knew,
We sat down, we danced again
She was back, she danced around alone
Like a needle, like a sting,
Her eyes held me tight

Oh, now you know my curse
Darling you're my prey
If you think that you are safe
Then won't you let me say

You will do whatever I will do
You will go wherever I will go
You will follow me into the fall
And you will answer to my call

Composição: Arthur Gillette / Moriarty / Rosemary Standley / Stephan Zim Moriarty Zimmerli / Vincent TalpaertColaboração e revisão: Gabriele AlmeidaJoão Paulo

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