Moon Upstairs

Mott The Hoople

Tom: C
Tabbed by: Me. By: * Album: Brain Capers Awesomeness: Their Best! ---------------------------------- -| Intro: |---------------|----------------- |---------------|----------------- |----5----7--2--|--------0-------- |----5----7--2--|-2------0-------- |----3----5--0--|-2--------------- |-(0)--(0)------|-0--0h3----0-3-5- ||--------------------3-----| ||--------------------3-3---| ||--------------------0-2-2-| ||--------------------0-0-2-| ||3------------3------x---0-| ||--5-3--0-3-5---5-3--3-----| During Verse: A: D: E: |-----5-|-------10-|-----7-| |-----5-|-------10-|-----7-| |-5h6---|-10h11----|-7h8---| |-------|----------|-------| |-------|----------|-------| |-------|----------|-------| A Well my brother he was a drinking man D And I asked him for release E He said this won't do you no good D And sent for the police A Well they busted me for nothing
D Cos they said I was insane E So they let my body go D But they locked away my brain |---------------|----------------- |---------------|----------------- |----5----7--2--|--------0-------- |----5----7--2--|-2------0-------- |----3----5--0--|-2--------------- |-(0)--(0)------|-0--0h3----0-3-5- ||--------------------3-----| ||--------------------3-3---| ||--------------------0-2-2-| ||--------------------0-0-2-| ||3------------3------x---0-| ||--5-3--0-3-5---5-3--3-----| A Well I wandered freely as a bird D that had broken both its wings E And I hated them and they hated me D and I hated everthing A And I realise that to survive well D my body is not mine E And I feel neglected feel rejected D D Living in the wrong time |-----------------| |-----------------| |-----5------7--2-| |-----5------7--2-| |-----3------5--0-| |-(0)----(0)------| E5 And to those of you who always laugh G5 D Let this be your epitaph Organ Solo: |---------------|----------------- |---------------|----------------- |----5----7--2--|--------0-------- |----5----7--2--|-2------0-------- |----3----5--0--|-2--------------- |-(0)--(0)------|-0--0h3----0-3-5- ||--------------------3-----| ||--------------------3-3---| ||--------------------0-2-2-| ||--------------------0-0-2-| ||3------------3------x---0-| ||--5-3--0-3-5---5-3--3-----| A And my head is down and I'm called D a clown by comedians that grace E The living stage of every page of D worthless meaningless space A But I swear to you before we're D though you're gonna feel our every blow E We ain't bleeding you we're D feeding you but you're too fucking slow |-----------------| |-----------------| |-----5------7--2-| |-----5------7--2-| |-----3------5--0-| |-(0)----(0)------| E5 And to those of you who always laugh G5 Let this be your epitaph Guitar Solo: |-----------------| |-----------------| |-----5------7--2-| |-----5------7--2-| |-----3------5--0-| |-(0)----(0)------| Repeat 4 times, then enda on an A.
Composição: Ian Hunter / Mick RalphsColaboração e revisão:

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