The Man With The Sun In His Eyes


He thinks that everyone is out to get him
He'd change his mind if they would only let him
From time to time he wonders why he bothers
He crawls up like a bug beneath the covers

He takes his time, he knows that haste might hurt you
He'd have you know that patience is a virtue
With half a smile he'd steal the mile beneath you
But he would walk a thousand more to reach you

He's the man with the sun in his eyes
And the man with the sun in his eyes can't see
He's the man with the sun in his eyes

And when I see him there
Sucking on his plastic air
There must be a message there to us all
And I can't help but feel
A twisted kind of sympathy
For all he's done for me and more

He's got a book, he likes to keep it handy
He's got the look of cardboard dressed as candy
He couldn't find himself without direction
But he could steal your heart without detection

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Siddhartha Macêdo

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