Once again I shall go and get the fishmonger to prepare the fish.

I expect you'd like to know about frogmen?
They live on fish and catch them by diving onto them from a great height.

Gliding down through the dark green water.
He can breathe under water because he has amphibious nostrils.
On the way down he passed hundreds of trout of different sizes.
Trout are freshwater fish and have under water weapons.
Trout are very valuable and immensely powerful.
Keep away from the trout.

Why should it mean that the fish in the sea are all unable to sing?

Just listen to me young fellow.
What need is there for fish to sing, when I can roar and bellow?

Fish fish fish fish fish.
Fish fish fish fish.
Eating fish!

Fish fish fish fish fish.
Fish fish fish fish.
Eating fish!

I wish that I could get my hands on a dozen fish!

Composição: Andy CarthyColaboração e revisão: Lethicia diasBrendo Urie

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