Before I Die


Tom: F
From: Kevin Wensink Album: XX Okay this is the opening/main riff of the song listen closely and you'll hear it, i'm working on the rest of it so please be patient. Tabbed by SHRooMHEaDRG7 i play a seven string, but you only need a 6 string for the opening riff, i play it in standard tuning that is ebgdae * palm mute
N.H. Natural Harmonic OPENING RIFF/MAIN RIFF * * * * ********** E------------------------------- B------------------------------- G----------------5-------------- D----------------5--5-7--------- A------------7-7----5-7-0------- E---0-0-0-0--0-0--------6-6-6-6- |-------------- |-------------- |-------------- |-------------- |-------------- |6-6-6--------- okay that is the riff, I was shown this by the guitarist for runt, a band that practices with shroom and opens up for them alot in cleveland, so that is the riff, the following part i just kinda played by ear, PLAY THE MAIN RIFF 3 or 4 TIMES, THEN BEFORE JEFF HATRIX SCREAMS-AHHHHHH, AND THE DOUBLE BASS KICKS IN YOU'LL HEAR A HARMONIC N.H. for this part, just slide up from five low e---5-4-3-2-1 When you've done this, then the double bass kicks in and j mann starts with "set me free let me be what i am why can't you see? etc..." Then keep playing the main riff through the song, i'm not sure what the chords are for one j man goes "THIS LIFE'S A FIGHT FOR FULFILLMENT INSIDE..." but that is the song, enjoy
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