High Standards


Tom: G
E, B, C, E, D, B, E, B, C, G, F#, E

Play this:

E, C, G, B
While singing this:

You'll never be the man they want you to be
you've got no goals in life
it makes no sense to see
someone forgotten someone you used to know
is there a reason
no one seems to care

E, C, G, B, E, B

E          G
No one can give you 
D            C
the life you get
E                G
what he said was true
D                 C
and i'll never forget
E           G
his son-the sacrifice
D                C
now i owe him my life
E                 G
give your life to God
D             C
come into his light

don't let let the world own you with it's false analogies
of what happy life looks like and why you don't add up
there's no happy ending to this impossibility
so change your mind and give him time i'm sure you'd agree


they gave you heroes someone to look up to
you'll never be like them no matter how hard you try
it's all superficial a deceptive lie
I know you're getting tired so stop!