Invintation to Understanding


Tom: D
D          F#             G              D 
C'mon understanding visit me for once today 
B                  A            G  
I'll be grateful you don't even have to stay 
D                       F#          G              D  
It must be hard for you to get over to my side of town 
B           A             G  
I know there's many people like me to be found 
       B                    A  
If you come knockin' at my door 
G         D  
And I am not around 
B                A               G  
Foolishness came by and we're downtown 
B                           A              G               D> 
Please don't leave, Please come on in and make yourself at home 
B                       A              G  G-F#-G   G-F#-G   G-F#-G 
I know you're probably used to being alone      
Everyone keeps telling me you're something that you're not 
But I know if I met you I'd like you a lot 
What exactly does it take to bring you to my door 
By the time that you arrive, I won't live here no more 
A   G-F# 
E                         G 
What can I do? There's no one here but me 
D        A          G-F# 
And nothin on TV 
E                       G  
Where could you be? I really wouldn't know 
D                    A 
Where else you might go 
A   G-F# 

B                       A             G 
I know you're probably used to being alone