Time Brings Change


Tom: A#
Intro:  Bb, D, Eb

Play that but quicker progressions while singing this:
why can't things be the way they used to be?
why can't I feel the way I used to feel?
back in the days when it all worked out
was it all in my mind?  and now it won't come out

D                           Eb     F  Eb
When I don't think I'll get by

D                       Eb     F  Eb
When I feel the need to cry

D               Eb     F   Eb
It hurts me even more

D                     Eb    F  Eb
to think how it was before

No you first is how it always went
the simple things made us content
we don't need nothin except
the one true God that keeps us together

Bb, Eb

I hate time!
Cause time brings change
and change makes me
start all over again
I guess I can work with time
but does time work out?