Imagem do álbum CYNICISM do(a) artista Neru
Álbum de NeruCYNICISM17 músicas • 2018

Disco 1

  • CYNICISM is (instrumental)
  • SNOBBISM (feat. z'5)
  • Whatever whatever whatever (feat. z'5)
  • Let's Drop Dead
  • March of Losers
  • Law-evading Rock
  • Song of Running Away
  • Even so, I gotta sing away
  • Spare Me My Inferiority
  • Nihil and Sunken City (feat. z'5)
  • Abandoned Stella (feat. z'5)
  • Hey, Lain (feat. z'5)
  • What a Terrible Era
  • The Disease Called Love (feat. z'5)

Disco 2

  • The Disease Called Love (Neru Remix)
  • Whatever whatever whatever (Neru Remix)
  • SNOBBISM (Neru Remix)