In The Hands Of God


Tom: D
D Bm We have raised our hopes and our cities high A We have followed fragile dreams G But only One could take the measure D of our goals Bm And we've stumbled over the trials of life A And we've wrestled the unseen G But only One can calm the storm D inside our souls D In the hands of God A We will fall G Rest for the restless and the weary
D Hope for the sinner D In the hands of God A We stand tall G Hands that are mighty to deliver D Giving us freedom Bm When our strength gave way to the weight of guilt A 'Til we strained for every breath G Only One could lift our shame and D make us well Bm And when all is finished, and we face A The fearsome power of death G Only One has overcome the gates of D hell A You're amazing G D You're amazing, You are A And we praise you, Lord G D For what Your hands have done A You're amazing G D You're amazing, You are
Composição: Jeff Frankenstein / Peter FurlerColaboração e revisão: Adans

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