Tom: C
intro: |-------------------------------- |-------------------------------- |-----------9--10--12-----10--10- |10--10-10------------10--------- |-------------------------------- |--8---8--8--8---8---8--8---8---8 ||-----------8---------------------- ||----10--11------------------------ ||10----------------9--9--9-9------- ||--------------10------------12-12- ||---------------------------------- ||--8---8---8-8---8--8--8--8-8--8--8 ---- ---- ---- 10-- ---- --8- |------------------------ |--|----------------------|- |--|--------------------:-|- |--|----------------------|- |10|-10--10--10--10-12----|- |--|--------------------:-|- |--|8--8---8---8---8--8---|- |>>[last time] ||------------------------------------------ ||------------------------------------------ ||---10--9------7--------------------------- ||----------10-----8------------------------ ||------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ F G/e VERSE 1: dull as dirt, you can't assert the kind of light that might Am Am/g persuade a strict dictator to retire fire the army, teach the poor F origami. The truth is in, the G proof is when you hear your heart C start asking, What's my motivation? F G/e and try as you may, there isn't a way to explain the kind of change
Am Am/g that would make an eskimo renounce fur, that would make a vegetarian F barbecue hamster unless you can G trace this about-face to a certain sign. C CHORUS: Shine, make em wonder what F you've got, make em wish that they C were not, on the outside looking F C bored. Shine, let it shine before all F men, let em see good works and C F then, let em glorify the lord. F G/e VERSE 2: out of the shaker and onto the plate, it isn't karma, it sure ain't fate that would make a Am deadhead sell his van, that would make a Am/g F schizophrenic turn in his crayons. Oprah freaks, and science seeks a G rationale that shall excuse this C strange behavior. F G/e when you let it shine, you will inspire the kind of entire turnaround Am Am/g that would make a bouncer take ballet (even bouncers who aren't happy) F but out of the glare, with nowhere G to turn, you ain't gonna learn it on "What's My Line?" (chorus)
Composição: Peter Furler / Steve TaylorColaboração e revisão:

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