Is this the future that i've promised myself?
A pretty perfume bottle on the shelf
Take it down and i'm someone else
A perfect spell is

Pure, the dark night is far behind me
And i'm sure the white light will come and find me
And i'm pure and now i know that i'm all i ever want to be

Are you some some silent god that i can't see
Cos i feel you building up inside of me
Theres nowhere else i would rather be
Memory is

I'm lost in time in my head
Floating through the sky from my bed
I'm imagining that i am dead
It's a lonely view

If this is the beginning of some heavenly dream
Well i'll just sit back and enjoy the scene
My heart beats slow like a soft machine
So tenderly i'm

So pure and i'm pure and
Lost in time and in my head
Floating through the sky from my bed
I'm gone, i'm dead

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Ismael Filho

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