Don't You Pay Them No Mind

Nina Simone

People laugh each time they see us walking by and their whispering just make
You feel like you wanna cry. keep on walking by my side don't look behind. you
Know i love you, so don't you pay em' no mind.

People say our love ain't gonna last too long. and they point at us, just like
We've been only carry on, keep on looking in my eyes and we'll be fine. you see
I love you, so don't you pay em' no mind.

Stay with me and let em' see, let em' know that you love me, that u love me, if
It's true who cares what they do? cause i don't need anyone but you. just you
And me, we're gonna make it all alone. let them laugh at us, we're gonna build
A world all our own, keep on then, keep on holdin on to me,they'll learn in
Time. i really love you, so don't you pay em' no mind. you know i love you, you
Know i can't be without you

Composição: Richard AhlertColaboração e revisão: Mariana Piza

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