This Guy's In Love With You


Tom: G
D           Gmaj7
You see this guy
     Bm7      D         Em7  C
this guy's in love with you
D           Gmaj7
Yes, I'm in love
    F#7              Bm        Am
who looks at you the way I do
Am                 D7
when you smile I can tell
     G                      Gm
we know each other very well
 F#m   Bm           Em
how can I show you I'm glad
  A7  A   A9          A7
I got to know you, 'cause

D               Gmaj7
I've heard some talk
     Bm7     D         Em7  C
they say you think I'm fine
D           Gmaj7
Yes, I'm in love
    F#7            Bm
and what I'd do to make you mine,
Am                 D7
tell me now, is it so?
      G             Gm
Don't let me be the last to know.
   F#m       Bm
My hands are shaking
      Em      A7    A   A9          A7
don't let my heart keep breaking, 'cause

D           Gmaj7
I need your love
D           Gmaj7
I want your love

D      F#m      Bm
say you're in  love

Bm7/5- Bm   E7              A        C#m      A7
                          007670    006654
in         love with this guy,
   A7            D7   G7
if not I'll just die.