Kaleidoscope World

Parokya Ni Edgar

Tom: C
Album: Inuman Sessions Vol.1 Transcribed by: Kenneth M. Lalo (March 10, 2005 5:28 p.m.) */09215602674 Abangan natin ung nxt album nila, lapit n daw! Saka sponge cola. ke bamboo naman april or may daw... about this tab 97.3% tama 'tong gawa ko! try mo rin ung tab ko ng DRAGONFLY ng Sponge Cola... i dedicate this tab/song to all redemptorist seminarians (batch '03) Mabuhay ang batch natin!!!! Intro: (solo) e---15-15------------------------- B----------12h-15-12h-15---------- G--------------------------------- D--------------------------12h-14- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e|--------I B|--------I G|--12----I D|--------I A|--------I E|--------I ppasok si Gab after 7h 9(G) kasabay ng 8 (B) G e------------------------------- B-------------8------8-10------- G--------7h-9---7h-9-------7h-9- D--7h-9------------------------- A------------------------------- E------------------------------- e|----------------------------I B|10-12-10h12-10--------------I G|-----------------12-9-------I D|----------------------------I A|----------------------------I E|----------------------------I e-------------------------- B------8-8(8)-8s-10-10(10)- G-7h-9--------------------- D-------------------------- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- e|------ B|10s12s G|------ D|------ A|------ E|------ e|15s17-15-------------------I B|15-----------1212s-15------I G|---------------------------I D|---------------------------I A|---------------------------I E|---------------------------I Verse: (Darius) G Am Bm C (chords ni Gab) e--3-----------------5------7----- B--3-----------------5------7----- G--4-----------------5------7----- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e|-8------------------------I B|-5------------------------I G|-5------------------------I D|--------------------------I A|--------------------------I E|--------------------------I (after chorus) II e------------------------------12- B-------8-------10-10s-12--15----- G--7s-9----7s-9------------------- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e|--------------------------I B|------10------------------I G|--12----------------------I D|--------------------------I A|--------------------------I E|--------------------------I e------------------------------12- B-------8-------10-10s-12--15----- G--7s-9----7s-9------------------- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e|--15----------------------I B|--------------------------I G|--------------------------I D|--------------------------I A|--------------------------I E|--------------------------I Chords: (chorus)
G Bm C D e------------------------I B------------------------I G--------------------7---I D---5-----9----10----7---I A---5-----9----10----5---I E---3-----7----8---------I (d ko pa tapos ung adlib, ung pgkatapos ng chorus basta nasa 11th hanggang 17th fret lng un. nxt time n lng!) more tabs? add mo muna ko! * Lyrics: I So many faces, so many races Different voices, different choices Some are mad while others laugh Some live alone with no better half Others greed while others curse And others mourn behind the big black purse And some are pure, and some half-bred And some are sober and some are wasted Some are rich because of faith And some are poor with no food on their plate Some stand out, while others blend Some are fat and stout while some are thin And some are friends, and some are foes Some have some, while some have most Yeah Chorus: Every color every hue Is represented by me and you Take a slide in the slope Take a look at the kaleidoscope Make it round, make it twirl In this Kaleidoscope world II Some are great and some are few Others lie while some tell the truth And some say poems, and some do sing And other sing through their guitar strings Some know it all while some act dumb Let the bass line strum to the bang of the drum Some can swim while some will sink Some will find their minds and think Others walk, while others run You can't talk peace and have gun Some are hurt and start to cry Don't ask me how don't ask me how And some are friends, and some are foes Some have some, while some have most Yeah ...world Kaleidoscope world In this kaleidoscope world tapos na... -
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