St. Jude


[Sean: About a friend of Mark's that died in a car accident. She was young and it didn't seem right that she lost her life so early. I think you can pretty much make that assumption just by listening to the lyrics and reading this poem he wrote;

"Now Even More Perfect\ In the Rain After St. Jude's"
Her mother doesn't wear her seat belt anymore.
She knows it doesn't matter.
The world just eats
and it burns
and it never gives up it's dead.]

I was on my knees
Last time I saw you
My suit was black
My voice was tremblin'
When I said hello,
Frankie helped me to my feet
I could not stand
It looked as though you're sleepin'
Yeah, why her instead?

St. Jude
Did you let me down?
Hey, St. Jude
Yeah, who do I pray to now?

My shoes are wet
As I walked to where they laid you
Your sister could not speak
But there's somethin' left to say
An only question
And one that needs asking
Why her instead?
Why her instead of me?
Yeah, why her instead?

Ah, St. Jude
Did you let me down
Hey, St, Jude
Yeah, who will I pray to now

In Boston's heart
On a rainy Mother's Day
Wanna burn the town down
And bring you back to Kansas
Where I have somethin' left to say
I don't believe in God
I don't believe in you no more
I don't believe in God
I don't believe in God no more
Why her instead?

Ah, St. Jude
Did you let us all down?
Hey, St. Jude
Who do I pray to?
Not my wife
Not my sister
Not my song to sing
And still I miss her
I don't believe in you
I don't believe in anything
Yeah, I don't believe in anything

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: sammy martins

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