Mojo Intro

Peeping Tom

Tom: F#
Tabbed by:Omri Email: I.* Tuning:standard OK, this song out of Mike Patton most recent project is fairly easy, so I tabbed it out for you!, I'm putting it under Intro because I want to in the last version to finish organs in the back. INTRO: e|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|-----5-6-3-5-1-3----6-8-5-6-3-5- D|---3---------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- This is the intro riff. It repeats itself throughout the song beside the verses
Back (second) Guitar for the riff: e|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|-------------------------------- D|--3-3--3-3--4-4--4-4------------ A|--3-3--3-3--4-4--4-4------------ E|--1-1--1-1--2-2--2-2------------ The Chorus riff is the same exept theres a little Ab After the F and The Gb This is the riff which you can hear in the background of the song in the pre chorus my party…) arranged for guitar e|----------5~--7~---5--| B|-------7~-------------| G|----------------------| Repeat D|----------------------| A|----------------------| E|----------------------| e| B| G|itself until chorus D| A| E| | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =============================================================================== For notes/question/soul mate/ viruses send me an e-mail- *
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