Peter Koppes

I told you about the strife
And you said "That's tough. Ah, 
don't talk about it."
Then it's some company not a toy
And you don't know with that cat 
You don't know or care about it

It's a celebration
It's a celebration

Hey, she tears it away
This party is going straight to my 
Every story, something about it
I can remember the way she mouths it

I'm wondering why her eyes shine
If I'm drugged I'm not aware of it And besides if it was that good, This has erased the memory Closer and closer to me There's just two people in this room You're gonna play me Like your favourite tune And when you call me "mellow 'wake'r of dreams" I never know if it's true And when you call me "a pleasant change" I just don't know what to say back to you Are you coming our way As I can hear you say "Seal the world of my darkened fear"? I woke up and swooned but it's not more than I can take Enter Tuesday, maybe we'll find it in a bite It was shameless delight Words float like muses, a scent in it chooses So's I can find the right set that'll touch your lights Speak to me how the will is wrong here Toward her I have to reach But baby, baby, you needn't hurry Not more than anything It's coming on and on and on It goes on and on and on
Composição: Peter KoppesColaboração e revisão: Cristina Pacheco

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