Long Distance Call


Tom: G
Since the cd version doesn't have 
any rythmguitar Long distance call
needs to be played like on the bbc2 
radioprogram. If you are unable to
get that version try to play these 
chords with the cd.
Sounds pretty funky!

from bbc2 radioprogram:       
capotasto on third fret
from cd:                      
capotasto on fifth fret
Live gig                      
capotasto on fifth fret

What is a capotasto?
A capo (aka "capotasto") is a 
mechanical device that
clamps across the guitarneck holding
 all the strings down at one fret.
It enables you to play in different 

INTRO Note: the intro chords are easiest played if the thumb is used to push down the bass E string notes. E|-----3-----------0---------0---- B|-----3-----------0---------3---- G|-----4-----------0---------4---- D|-----5-----------4---------4---- A|-----5-----------5---------5---- E|-----3-----------3---------3---- E|------3-----------| B|------3-----------| G|------4-----------| D|------5-----------| A|------5-----------| E|------3-----------| VERSE where to go I .......... about it 26-10 was... E|---3------------------------0--- B|---3------------------------0--- G|---4------------------------0--- D|---5------------------------2--- A|---5------------------------2--- E|---3------------------------0--- E|----0-------3----------0-------0-- B|----3-------5---- -----0-------3-- G|----2-------4----------0-------2-- D|----0-------5----------2-------0-- A|----0-------3----------2-------0-- E|----2-------X----------0-------2-- CHORUS I'm far gone but and your capi - tol letters keep me.. E|----0--------------------------- B|----1--------------------------- G|----2--------------------------- D|----2--------------------------- A|----0--------------------------- E|----X--------------------------- E|-----X------X---------0----------| B|-----0------0---------1----------| G|-----0------0---------2----------| D|-----2------0---------2----------| A|-----3------2---------0----------| E|-----X------X---------X----------| During the "It's never been like that" part you play the same chords as during the intro. Peace out ;)
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