When Will You Come Back To Me

Pure Pleazure

My mind can't erase the memories of you
The look in your eyes swore to me all words were true
You told me our love was meant to be
Then you walked away why did you leave me
You made me feel so warm inside
You never said a word of goodbye
I know that you told me nothing lasts forever
I see that your gone but I dream we're together

When will you come back to me, will I be waiting long
Tell me that you care for me, is your heart that strong
Fulfilling dreams you promised me, just can it be
Let me hold you in my arms, from here to eternity

I tried to face another day without you
Pictures on the wall I was so happy with you
I thought you cared by the words that you said
I once believed that our love would never end
But not I can see through the days of time
Wishing for you and you may never be mine
I count the nights if it could ever be
Will you come back my love - just tell me

(Chorus 2x)

Me dejiste cuantas vezes que hice me a la llorar
You told me many times
Por donde estas usted
Me dejiste lo que promesite me dejaste mi amor
You lied to me
Sin un beso, un abrazo y un adios
Goodbye, oh...
Cuando volverá otra vez y una vez ser mía?

Can't you see that I'll never find
A love like yours I need you to be mine
What can I do to bring you back to me
I'm hurting so badly can't you see
(Come back to me...) I need to know
(Come back to me...) Just tell me

(Chorus 2x)

Composição: Anthony Ponzio / Mike Ferullo / Mykl AstorgaColaboração e revisão: >F.NATION02

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